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Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce that it has entered a comprehensive licensing partnership with Lucasfilm Ltd. for the worldwide rights to publish card, roleplaying, and miniatures games set in the popular Star Wars™ universe!

†Being able to publish gaming products in the Star Wars universe is quite simply a hobby-game company†™s dream come true,† said Christian T Petersen, CEO of Fantasy Flight Games. †œI†™m confident that both Star Wars fans as well as FFG†™s regular customers will be blown away by the game experiences we have planned for this legendary IP.†

†œAs a leader in hobby gaming, we†™re excited to be partnering with Fantasy Flight Games,† said Howard Roffman, President of Lucas Licensing. †œFun and adventure are hallmarks of the Star Wars saga, and FFG perfectly captures this in their games.†

FFG†™s first two Star Wars game lines will be the X-Wing miniatures game and Star Wars: The Card Game, both scheduled to launch in early 2012.

Just the beginning...

X-Wing is a tactical ship-to-ship combat game in which players take control of powerful Rebel X-wings and nimble Imperial TIE fighters, pitted against each other in fast-paced space combat. Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures, X-Wing recreates exciting Star Wars space combat throughout its several included scenarios. Select your crew, plan your maneuvers, and complete your mission!

Star Wars: The Card Game is a cooperative card game that puts 1-4 players* in command of the Rebel strike force and mission team. Players will launch fleets of starships and direct some of the most famous heroes in the Star Wars galaxy as they confront the might of the Empire. By working together, players can fend off Imperial assaults and complete their mission, winning the game! With a wealth of characters, starships, missions, and enemies, Star Wars: The Card Game immerses players in gripping galactic conflict.

Visit our X-Wing website or Star Wars: The Card Game website to learn more, and keep checking back. These two exciting titles are only the beginning, and we†™ll be announcing additional Star Wars card, roleplaying, and miniatures games in the coming months!

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Erste Infos zum Spiel an sich:

Grundsätzlich verwendet X-Wing viele Elemente von Wings of War.

Statt der Manöverkarten gibt es eine Wählscheibe auf der man das Manöver verdeckt einstellt. Geflogen und Geschossen wird immer beginnend mit dem Piloten mit der niedrigsten Nummer und geht dann aufsteigend weiter. Wobei zuerst alle fliegen und dann alle schießen. Es gibt drei Feuerdistanzen. Beim Schießen kommt auch noch ein Würfel zum Einsatz und dann wird der Schaden durch gezogene Karten bestimmt. X-Wings halten in der Regel mehr Schaden aus als die Ties. Außerdem haben die X-Wing auch noch Schilde und einen Astromech, der über Bonusaktionen verfügt. Das Verhältnis X-Wing zu Tie ist in der Box etwa 2:1. Die Basen der Prototypen sind recht bunt und scheinen austauschbar zu sein, damit man verschiedene Piloten darstellen kann. Panzerung und Geschwindigkeit bleiben dabei gleich, aber die Initiative wechselt.

Erscheinen wird X-Wing im Frühjahr 2012 und es wird neben der Grundbox Erweiterungen ähnlich Wings of War geben.

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Hmm...Schade, ich dachte es gibt emndlich mal ein schönes Schiffsschlachtentabletop, das mir vom Design gefällt.

Aber auf ein Wings of War 2.0 hab ich ehrlich gesagt nicht so viel Lust. Ich muss nicht zwei Spiele des selben Typs haben. X-Wing erscheint mir auch zu komplex, ums "mal eben" zu spielen mit Kumpels aber nicht komplex genug, um da richtig zu tabletoppen.

Die Schiffe erinnern mich übrigens an meine alten Micro Machines :)

Gruß Kernt

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STAR WARS: X-Wing VS Tie Fighters

There are a lot of aerial combat games out there. Some are pretty involved. But what if you could throw down £25 for a game that's balanced and just a good bit of fun? Well, thats what X-Wing is all about!

Star Wars X-Wing pitches the speed of Rebel X-Wings against the agility of Imperial TIE fighters in a fast paced game of space combat.

The minitatures come pre painted and are nicely detailed while the game included several scenarios for you to play through against a mate. Simply select your crew (Biggs and Wedge are a must!), plan your manoeuvres and complete your mission.

The box includes 3 X-wings and 6 TIE fighters, cards, and quick-to-learn rules. Plus you can expand the game with additional ships from the Star Wars universe. Millenium Falcon anyone?

To sum up, X-Wing is fast, fun, affordable and comes pre painted! What more could you want from a game?

Kurzfassung: Die Box kostet 25 Pfund/30 Euro etwa und enthält 6 Tie und 3 X-Wing. Weitere Schiffe werden folgen, der Falcon ist auch drunter!

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Fire the Ion Cannon

Preview the Upcoming Y-Wing Expansion Pack

“This is Gold Leader. We’re starting our attack run.”

–Star Wars: A New Hope


In recent X-Wing™ previews, we’ve revealed ship cards and upgrades from the X-Wing™ Expansion Pack and the TIE Fighter™ Expansion Pack. Together with the expansion’s detailed starfighters, these additions allow you to build whole squads and customize your play experience.

In a later preview, we’ll look more closely at some of the options and strategies available to those players who choose to take advantage of advanced squad building, but first we’ll continue to review the first wave of single fighter expansions.

Today, we look at another mainstay of the Rebel fleet, the versatile and durable Y-wing!


The Y-Wing™ Expansion Pack

The versatile and reliable BTL-A4 Y-wing was the Rebellion’s primary starfighter until the arrival of the T-65 X-wing, and long after it was scheduled to be phased out, its speed, durability, and weapon options helped it remain a staple of the Rebel fleet.

The Y-Wing Expansion Pack contains one detailed Y-wing miniature, its maneuver dial, four ship cards, five upgrade cards, and all requisite tokens. These give you everything you need to bring the Y-wing into your games of X-Wing, as well as a wide range of options for balancing your piloting skill and the tactical advantages and potency of your upgrades.

In the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game, Y-wings start play with three shield tokens and a hull value of five, making them easily the most rugged of the starfighters available upon the game’s initial launch. However, the Y-wing’s primary advantage may be its ability to equip an ion cannon, which it can use to temporarily shut down an enemy starfighter’s systems. While the ion cannon doesn’t do much damage on its own, it can leave a TIE vulnerable to coordinated X-wing fire.

This tactical weapon is definitely one of the highlights among the new upgrade cards the Y-Wing Expansion Pack introduces, and the expansion includes a reference card and token that allow you to bring this technology immediately into battle.


The Ion Cannon Turret upgrade card and reference card.

For five squad points, an ion cannon is a fantastic tool to help disable your opponent’s starfighters. It can only target enemy ships within range one to two, but it can target any enemy ship within that range, even one outside of its firing arc. Yes, the ion cannon turret can target anything within a 360-degree arc. This adds greatly to the weapon’s “effective” range and helps turn the tables on your foes. Normally, your opponent will want to surround your fighters and get in behind them at close range, but a Y-wing with an ion cannon is never a helpless target.

Then, once you hit an enemy starfighter with your ion cannon, you cripple that ship for one round, and it drifts slowly through space until its systems come back online. In game terms, this means that a starfighter struck by an ion cannon cannot assign a maneuver during its next planning phase. Instead, it must drift across the table as though it had been assigned a white " 1" maneuver. So after you hit a starfighter with your ion cannon, you’ll know precisely where it’s going to end up after its next activation phase, and you can coordinate your attacks against it in the subsequent combat phase.

Often, players will likely swoop in for the kill with their X-wings, since those starfighters pack more firepower, but some players may opt to build their squads solely around Y-wings, taking advantage of the starfighter’s ability to fire proton torpedoes. In fact, players can outfit the Y-wing with as many as two proton torpedoes, and a crack shot like Horton Salm can make certain that every shot counts.


Keep your eyes open for more information about the Y-wing and other starfighters from Star Wars: X-Wing as we get close to the game’s release at Gen Con Indy. Next up? A look at the TIE Advanced™ Expansion Pack!

Elite Pilots and Advanced Tactics

Preview the Upcoming TIE Advanced Expansion Pack


“Stay in attack formation!”

–Darth Vader, Star Wars: A New Hope

We’re quickly closing in on the release of Star Wars: X-Wing™ Miniatures Game! Thursday morning, August 16th, at Gen Con Indy 2012, the game’s first starfighters are going to drop out of hyperspace to engage in fast-paced dogfights. We’ll have the Core Set and the first four single fighter expansions available at our booth in the exhibition hall from the moment the convention begins until they sell out. We’re also going to run demos all weekend, and players will have the opportunity on Friday morning to participate in the world’s first X-Wing tournament.

In earlier previews, we’ve explored the wide range of options that the X-Wing™ Expansion Pack, TIE Fighter™ Expansion Pack, and Y-Wing™ Expansion Pack add to the game. Now, we turn our attention to the fourth and final single fighter expansion arriving with the game’s initial wave of releases, the TIE Advanced™ Expansion Pack.

It’s likely you already know that this expansion will give you the opportunity to command Darth Vader, but there’s a lot more to the TIE Advanced than just the Empire’s most fearsome pilot…


The TIE Advanced™ Expansion Pack

The TIE Advanced improves upon the TIE/In design by adding shielding, better weapons systems, curved solar panels, and a hyperdrive. However, the extra costs limit production, and only the best Imperial pilots get to fly a TIE Advanced.

The TIE Advanced Expansion Pack contains one sculpted TIE Advanced miniature, its maneuver dial, all requisite tokens, five upgrade cards, and four ship cards, including two Imperial aces: the aforementioned Darth Vader and the daring Maarek Stele.

These pilots, and the expansion’s two other TIE Advanced pilots, benefit from the same range of actions as TIE fighter pilots, but they also gain the ability to acquire a target lock. Accordingly, the TIE Advanced costs more squad points in X-Wing than the TIE/In, and players building squads with one or more of these fighters must sacrifice some of their standard swarm tactics. In return, though, they gain more than just an extra icon on the action bar; they also gain durability from deflector shields, and they can equip missiles that allow them to strike with extra lethality.


With three agility and two deflector shields, the TIE Advanced offers pilots the means to maneuver through heated battles and emerge unscathed. This can make the starfighter an excellent lynchpin in an Imperial strategy, especially if that strategy involves tactics based around the actions afforded by an elite pilot talent.

Whether you intend to make use of Swarm Tactics, slip out of target locks with Expert Handling, or have your Squad Leader increase the efficiency of your other pilots, both Darth Vader and Maarek Stele are capable of using elite pilot talent upgrades, and the TIE Advanced’s increased resilience helps you retain their talents throughout the fight.


The talents of an elite pilot in a TIE Advanced afford your squad a wide range of tactical options.

Meanwhile, you’ll be able to equip your TIE Advanced with either Concussion Missiles or Cluster Missiles. Both of these upgrades come with the expansion, and they allow you to supplement your starfighter’s base attack value of “2” with a timely and deadly secondary attack. Concussion missiles can fire against enemy starfighters within range two to three, and allow you both to roll four attack dice and count any one miss as a hit. On the other hand, the Cluster Missiles upgrade is better suited to Imperial squads focused on combat at close ranges. They fire at range one to two for three attack dice, and then they allow you to make a second attack roll of three additional dice. Outfitted with such powerful weaponry, the TIE Advanced is a devastating war machine.


Concussion and cluster missiles greatly enhance your attack options.

You can look forward to commanding this deadly Imperial starfighter soon! X-Wing arrives at Gen Con Indy next week.

But we’re not going to sit idle while you wait! We still have more previews planned. In the next couple days, we’ll present you the game’s rules and tournament rules, and we’ll take a look at squad building and some of the ways players might approach the construction of a 100-point tournament-ready squadron!

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Hey cool,

bisher fand ich das Game nicht sooo interessant, doch nun habe ich mir mal das Tutorial bon FFG angesehen

und kenne nun die Spielmechanik. Scheint ein sehr einfaches Spiel zu sein, doch ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass es eine kurzweilige Abwechslung darstellt und es ist ja spielbar aus der Box heraus.

Wie nun das balancing ist (gerade bei so viel Erweiterungen) müsste man herausfinden.

Witzig. Ich hatte damals auch diese kleinen StarWars Modelle (eher Spielzeug aus Hartgummi und prepainted), welche man hier super hätte nehmen können. ^^

Ich habe X Wing vor etwa 18 (ka) Jahren mal bei einem Kumpel am PC sehen dürfen, also nicht mehr so große Erinnerungen, aber wenn ich mir das

anschaue, hat das schon flair. :D bearbeitet von Aun Jan Kauyon
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New Starfighters Blast into Action

†œShe may not look like much, but she†™s got it where it counts, kid.†

†“Han Solo, Star Wars: A New Hope

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the second wave of expansions for the Star Wars: X-Wing™ Miniatures Game.

The Millennium Falcon™ Expansion Pack, Slave I™ Expansion Pack, A-Wing™ Expansion Pack, and TIE Interceptor™ Expansion Pack are scheduled to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2012. First unveiled at Gen Con Indy 2012, these fantastic miniatures of iconic starfighters thrilled onlookers and will add exciting new strategies to your games of X-Wing!

Millennium Falcon™ Expansion Pack

Fly the legendary Millennium Falcon into fast-paced battles for the fate of the galaxy! The Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack for the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game allows players to blast through hyperspace with Han, Chewie, Lando, Nien Nunb, and more.

The Millennium Falcon isn†™t just any YT-1300. It is easily one of the most iconic and recognizable starships of all time, and it comes with four pilot cards, fourteen upgrades, and all requisite tokens. New rules expand the X-Wing galaxy to include unique starfighters, ships with larger bases, turret weapons, faction specific upgrades, and special modifications. With its new rules, pilots, and lovingly detailed miniature, the Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack is a beautiful addition to the X-Wing game!


Slave I™ Expansion Pack

Originally intended as a prisoner transport, the Firespray-31 gained notoriety through association with some of the galaxy†™s most fearsome pirates and bounty hunters, including the infamous Boba Fett. Just like Fett, the Slave I Expansion Pack for X-Wing is full of deadly surprises.

The Slave I Expansion Pack allows players to take advantage of the Firespray†™s versatile armament and heavy armor plating, as well as a host of lethal new upgrades. Imperial players can choose to arm this starfighter with a range of missiles, ion cannons, heavy laser cannons, and bombs. Slave I comes with a detailed miniature, four pilot cards, thirteen upgrades, and all requisite tokens. New rules and a new mission further expand your games of X-Wing!


A-Wing™ Expansion Pack

Conceived by General Dodonna, the RZ-1 A-wing interceptor proved its worth by crippling Star Destroyers during the Battle of Endor. Now this highly maneuverable starfighter adds another exciting dimension to Rebel squadrons in the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game.

The A-Wing Expansion Pack introduces one A-wing miniature with four pilots and five upgrades, as well as the tactically compelling †œBoost† action. Only the most talented pilots belong in an A-wing cockpit, and Rebel aces like Tycho Celchu push this sleek starfighter to its limits as they seek to gain every advantage it can give them in the galaxy†™s deadliest dogfights!


TIE Interceptor™ Expansion Pack

Imperial players can add a lethal new starfighter to their X-Wing squadrons with the TIE Interceptor Expansion Pack. The finest mass-produced starfighter of its time, the TIE interceptor excels at dogfighting thanks to its heightened maneuverability, increased speed, and four wing-mounted laser cannons that easily allow it to outgun its predecessors.

The TIE interceptor brings more to the table, though, than just its armaments. It features six skullful new pilots, including the renowned Imperial ace, Soontir Fel. The starfighter†™s †œBoost† action affords tremendous tactical freedom, and the pack†™s daredevil pilots can wrench maneuvers of the ship its designers at Sienar Fleet Systems may have never imagined. With its detailed miniature, two upgrades, and new pilots, the TIE Interceptor Expansion Pack creates exciting opportunities for all Imperial players.


The Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game brings the galaxy†™s greatest space battles to your tabletop, and they†™re only going to get hotter with the game†™s second wave of starfighters, each of which has been accurately rendered at the same 1/270 scale as those from the game†™s Core Set.

Look for the Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack, Slave I Expansion Pack, A-Wing Expansion Pack, and TIE Interceptor Expansion Pack to arrive at retailers everywhere later in the fourth quarter of 2012!

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