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Warum nicht mal ein Kickstarter?

Hi All,

We†™ve been receiving a lot of questions around when the next boxed set (the Legionaries) will be released. This is really a question of economics; when we sell enough of the Velites to cover the cost to produce the moulds and boxes for the Legions, then we†™ll commission the factory and crack on with them. As I†™m sure many of you know, the upfront cost of plastic production is very high, and cash flow is something we have to be very mindful of. It then occurred to my better half (the brains of this operation!) that we could launch a Kickstarter offer, which would ensure we have the funding required to cover mould production and get the Legions ready as soon as possible. We†™d also be able to give you all a firm time-frame for their release.

Great idea, which then raised another question which we wanted to throw out to you guys †“ what would you like to see on offer that would encourage you to contribute to a Kickstarter project? Special offers / figures / original art-work? Painted Minis? One of the Master sculpts? Let us know as I really don†™t want to set the ball rolling on this one and not offer something of interest. We†™re looking forward to hearing your thoughts! You can also post ideas etc. via our Facebook page.



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Ach, der gute Wille wurde doch auch nicht angezweifelt, keine Sorge :)

Nur nochmal zur Klarstellung: es GIBT noch keinen Kickstarter, die überlegen nur, einen zu machen und man darf ihnen momentan über facebook mitteilen, welche Sachen die da anbieten sollen.

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