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By Fire and Sword (17th Century)

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(hoffe, ich habe das richtige Forum erwischt)


was haltet ihr von dem neuen 17th Century Tabletop "By Fire and Sword" ?

A historical wargame that allows to recreate European conflicts in the 17th century. Lead a thundering charge of Polish winged hussars!
By Fire and Sword †“ a historical wargame is the name of a battle system developed by the Wargamer Company. We wanted to create a realistic, playable and dynamic wargame which recreates the 17th century wars fought by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth against Turkey, Muscovy, Sweden, Crimean Khanate and Cossacks. The period between 1640 and 1676, on which the game focuses, is a time of almost constant warfare waged by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth on all fronts, in many cases with several enemies at the same time. Supplements planned for the game will be dedicated to specific wars and campaigns in which the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth took part during the entire 17th century.

The By Fire and Sword wargame is a comprehensive system including game rules, historical background for the forces of all the combatants, battle group creation rules and scenarios, but most of all a huge number of wargaming figures representing all the military formations of the warring parties.





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(hoffe, ich habe das richtige Forum erwischt)

Hast Du leider nicht ;)

Das 17. Jhdt. ist längst nicht mehr Mittelalter, sondern Frühe Neuzeit. Und im Frühe Neuzeit-Bereich gibt es bereits seit gut 1,5 Jahren einen thread zu diesem Tabletop: link

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