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Gerüchte zur Imperialen Armee/Astra Militarium

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Noch kein Thread zur neuen IA/Astra Militarium?

"Astra Militarium? WTF?" werdet ihr fragen, dazu komme ich gleich.

Der neue Codex wird als einer der nächsten Releases gehandelt, man sagt März oder April.

Was ist bislang gesagt? (Chronologisch, also je weiter unten das Gerücht steht, desto neuer ist es)

-†˜Mission Objectives†™ are potentially a new special rule for the Imperial Guard, although my channels are a little dry on this front, one can only begin to imagine what they do. I heard on the grapevine, that this special rule would allow even sergeants, to order †˜minor orders†™ to their own unit.

-Formerly Forge World dominated vehicles will take a tour in the Imperial Guard codex. This means we could see such units as the Forge World Destroyer Tank Hunter as part of the upcoming codex. Although one finds it extremely unlikely they will receive a new plastic kit.

-Headquarters units have seen a massive shake up. Above the whole organisation, some units have been deleted, others modified. You start by buying a command squad, this is then changed by swapping the officer for a commissar, if one wishes too. The three present advisors have been retained, with the addition of the Primaris Psyker as a command squad advisor.

-Ministorum Priests are back in the same manner as before, this time though it has been rumoured they increase the ranged output of the unit, as well combat potential. Maybe in the form of the †˜preferred enemy†™ special rule, who knows?

-The mighty (or not so mighty Enginseer) has stayed relatively the same, except for the transition from HQ to either Elite or Heavy Support. But what excites me the most, are their roles on the field of battle. Apparently they will act much like Royal Courts in the Necron army, bought with certain upgrades, then attached out to other units, to confer certain benefits to that unit.

-In terms of repacking, it is believed that special weapon squads will receive their own box set. This is also rumoured to be extended to veteran squads and heavy weapon teams. Coming in boxes of five models, with a wide variety of special equipment.

-Moving on from the veteran weapon squads re-boxing, it is believed that they will be changing their position on the battlefield. With smaller squad sizes, veterans seem to be taking a fire support role, that focuses on battlefield specialisation.

-Vendetta and Valkyrie gunship†™ will more than likely be streamlined into one unit. Also it is believed that the squadron option will be lost, and an increase in points to balance out the power of Vendetta and Valkyrie gunship†™ in sixth edition.

Codex Imperial Guard launches in March 2014

Look for many refreshes in the codex rules.

Expanded command system with the return of Doctrines

The missing IG tanks will be released:

-Griffon/Collosus/Medusa artillery kit

Stormtroopers released

Veterans released

-These two infantry kits include many, many optional bits to build command squads and even penal troops.

New centerpiece kit is a Horus Heresy era tank.


I'm praying for stormtroopers, real ones, as a second troop choice. I did have a tiny look behind the iron curtain of GWs privacy policies, and I was able to see some mockups of the new veterans/stormtrooper boxed set, and it would be an amazing kit to build warbands or stormtrooper squads. Also I saw a model that appeared to be an Inquisitor, and was wearing a long cloak and armor.

I could see GW allowing stormtroopers as a troop choice to induce additional sales of the new kit, which, frankly, floored me. The details were great, with kasrkin style armor, and all sorts of weapons including hellguns, sniper rifles, special weapons, a cool missile launcher, a bunch of sergeant options, bolters, and lots of shotguns that managed to not look like scout shotguns. Also, the bolters did not look like marine shotuns, they were a little more human sized.

Some of the poses were also amazingly dynamic. Some were stoic standing poses, while a couple were very John Woo! There were also a lot of extra bits, poches, packs, grenades, knives, some scanner like equipment, and what appeared to be night vision goggles. If i were a puppy, I would've piddled on the rug, and it was a supreme act of will not to grab the models and run for the door. Apparently, they have also been ready for some time. Please dear God, let these see the light of my hobby store soon and I will have at least 5 boxes! This might even revitalize my Guard army.

Oh, and there were a bunch of heads! respirator heads, heads with berets, bald heads, heads with mohawks and crew cuts. Most were scarred, and one had an eyepatch, while another had a disfigured eye with what looked like claw marks, one head was smoking a stogie, and there were two heads with berets. There was even a knife that looked like a trench knife with raised knuckle dusters. There were scopes, a hand radio, and a bunch of bits for the bases including plants, a snake, and some ammo cans and satchel charges. There was even a hand holding an entrenching tool (shovel to you non-military types). There were a few holstered pistols, and as a delightful surprise, there were also autoguns in addition to lasguns, and there were bits for pistol and close combat weapon troops, although few were chainblades. There was a demo charge, melta bombs, and camo cloaks.

I was very, very impressed. The attention to detail was phenomenal. If you have any questions, ask them quick, before I am "sanctioned" by the inquisition. What is that sound outside the window.......?


I have some infos for you about the recent Stormtrooper sighting:

A lot of the bits described (respirators, plants, NVGs, some of the heads, some of the CC weapons, etc) were actually looted from other plastic kits (Command Squad and the like) and won't be on the sprue for the new box. They were used to create some kit-bash conversions to show what can be done with the new set and a bit box.

The described "Inquisitor" with a greatcoat over carapace armor is an option for the Sergeant for people who want to build their miniatures "Arbites-Style". Arbites won't be an option in codex, but you'll still be able to get Veterans in carapace with combat shotguns yelling "I AM THE LAW!".

All in all the new set is supposed to be more like modern "Hollywood"-SpecOps (think The Expendables).

With Nids closing in fast we can still expect IG in Q1 2014.


The Imperial Guard gets both Steel Legion and Mordians in Plastic with the New Codex.


New plastic tank based heavily on the Heresy-era Malcador. Large kit outsizes the Land Raider (way smaller than a Baneblade) Multiple variants in the kit.

Updated Basilisk returns. Gun assembly is more rearward with armored skirts replacing the delicate railing. An overall more up-armored appearance.

A NEW dogfighter flyer arrives, that is NOT an existing known model.

New Plastic Stormtrooper/Veteran kit will build a minimum sized unit. Kit includes a TON of optional bits to individualize your squad as well as bits to dress up existing Cadian ranges.


As we know Imperial Guards and Orks will be released in the first part of 2014. as well as an update of Armageddon campaign, Black Templars Supplement will come in the same time.

Because Templars have a lot of fluff around Armageddon.

GW is going to make (or remake) a Campaign for Armageddon with updated fluffs and missions scenarios.

As they are changing the helmet model of the Steel Legions, they will have to make new artwork for that.

And it's logical that it should be released between Imperial Guards and Orks. (as there is no other 40k codex between them)


I have seen pictures of plastic 10 man squads of steel legion and imperial guard veterans. The steel legion appear to be pushfit plastic and are plastic re-sculpts. There is also a big tank seen, but no additional information right now.

All finecast has been discontinued and no models will be made in finecast. This currently only applies to 40k to test how it works with the community.

I have heard a rumour that GW are moving to a stage where they want to make more troops as pushfit models, and use multipart plastic sprues or elite/fast attack/heavy support models, to reduce consumer prices for more commonly purchased troop choices.

You can expect pushfit for named characters and multipart plastic for generic hq.

A Cipher model is done that appears to be pushfit, and I expected it to be released with the dataslate which did not happen, so perhaps something is coming.


I got something new about the IG products.

I ordered two Catachan Jungle Guard plastic box before Christmas, at my local store. They've commanded them on the 3rd-4th January, the Order with the content of this order arrived last Friday, and the Catachan were not in the packet.

But it could be a mistake from my local store manager, as the Catachan are not on the Command List. (But aren't "Web Exclusivity" nor out of stock)


We have heard rumors about GW streamlining their range, and one of the things to go are the Catachans. They have sold very poorly in the last couple of years and GW will drop them for good. I already said that the new IG codex will be completely Cadia-centered, and it seems that GW is going to change the background of the IG in a away that portraits Cadia-pattern equipment being widespread throughout the galaxy and being kind of the standard equipment for all "normal" regiments. Emphasis on regional "exotic" regiments will be largely toned down .

In contrast to that there will be supplements for both Death Korps of Krieg and Elysian Drop Troops soon after the codex release. GW is not going to invest the extra money needed to produce an additional regiment, and the IG release will already need a lot of new sprues if we expect a new veteran infantry set, new artillery tanks and a new flyer or walker.

For the same reasons Rough Riders will be dropped from the army list (much like most entries without models got cut from the tyranid codex).


IG will be in April. March will focus soley on the Imperial Knights. Followed by Wood Elves in May...

It sounds like Imperial Knights will be a Dataslate or a mini codex. I bet you see it in the WD then have it come out in Dataslate/mini dex. From what we were told it will not be in the IG codex and will be able to ally with various armies.

IG is getting a new name with their new codex a la SoB. According to 40K Radio's source, they'll be renamed to the Astra Militarium.

Yup a brand new name. The book is called Astra Militarium.

I am just going by what our source has told us. Could be a legal issue, could be they are incorporating more things into the Codex. Time will tell.

And I want to re-iterate Knight ARE NOT part of Astra Militarium (IG).


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Wow ziemlich viel auf einmal. Wenn sich sowas bestätigen würde wie der Part, dass Forge World Einheiten ihren Weg in einen normalen Codex finden, wäre das sehr interessant. Im Zuge der WHFB 9e Diskussion wurde auch schon oft genannt, dass GW einiges nicht mehr selber macht, sondern FW machen lässt.

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Ich habe hier das für mich wichtige rausgefiltert und ins deutsche Übertragen:

neue/überarbeitete Modellbausätze

- ein paar der Modelle, für die es bisher nur Forgeworld-Regeln gab sollen es in den Codex schaffen. D.h. aber nicht, dass es dafür auch Plastikmodelle geben wird.

Wer weiß, vielleicht kommen vereinzelte Panzer trotzdem in Plastik.

-Greif/Kolossus/Medusa Artillerie-Bausatz

Wenn es so kommt: Juhuu! Aber immernoch keine Hydra. :(

- Sturmgardisten/Veteranen (Cadianer)

mit massenhaft Bitz drin. Darunter Schrotflinten.

Mir ist nicht ganz klar ob das eine Kombibox sein soll oder zwei verschiedene Boxen.

- Spezialwaffenteams.

hier ist nicht ganz klar, ob die Spezialwaffenteam-Box eine eigene wird oder ob damit nur gemeint ist, dass die o.g. Veteranen-Box Millionen und Milliarden von Spezialwaffen haben wird

- schweren Waffenteams (Erneuerung der Box).

Vermutlich mehr oder andere Bitz.

- Ein Horus Heresy Panzer (Malcador-Basis)

- Stahllegion aus Plastik (die Stahllegion bekommt ein neues Helmdesign)

- Mordianer aus Plastik

- neuer Kampfflieger

- Kavallerie fliegt aus dem Codex

Oh nein!

Aber es wird ein "Todeskorps" und ein "Elysianer" Supplement geben. Über ersteres sollte Kavallerie weiter spielbar sein.

Interessant in dem Zusammenhang finde ich auch, dass "Spezialwaffenteams" und "schwere Waffenteams" im Zusammenhang mit 5er-Boxen genannt werden. Das kann ein Stille-Post-Effekt sein, aber vielleicht werden beide Trupps (oder nur die Spezialwaffenteams) nun in 5er-Größe gestellt werden.

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Wobei man die Stahllegion ja bereits sehen konnte. Sind wohl Snapfit Modelle.

Edit: schade die Bilder sind offline. Aber hab noch dieses Zitat:

Sorry, but it was very dark in the Warehouse. And my phone is not that great for pictures anyways.I saw several of these Steel Legion kits. A few big ones too, 2x Tanks and a Flyer, I think they are new.. Not a big IG fan so no idea if new or repack. There was also a bigger Sentinel. (super big size box) I guess that†™s a new unit.*

Die bigger Sentinel Box --->das werden wohl die knights gewesen sein die im März erscheinen sollen.

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Interessant in dem Zusammenhang finde ich auch, dass "Spezialwaffenteams" und "schwere Waffenteams" im Zusammenhang mit 5er-Boxen genannt werden. Das kann ein Stille-Post-Effekt sein, aber vielleicht werden beide Trupps (oder nur die Spezialwaffenteams) nun in 5er-Größe gestellt werden.

Da gab es doch mal das Gerücht, daß U- und Spezialwaffentrupps in 10er-Größe geändert würden. Die 5er-Box würde dazu passen, da man dann noch 5 normale Soldaten dazunehmen müßte, um eine 10er-Einheit zu erhalten.

Grüße vom Mörserer

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Naja, das Bild war mWn ein Photoshop, die Bilder von der GW-Seite gespiegelt und schlecht skaliert.

Gestern gab es auf Faeit212 allerdings wieder ein gerücht zur Stahllegion, nämlich dass es ein überarbeitetes Starter-Set geben soll:

The current experimental model is as follows:

This summer will conclude/"wrap up" Dark Vengeance.

In September there'll be a new Campaign featuring 1 imperial and 1 non imperial army which astute readers will be able to guess at because you already rumored about it, just not correctly.

This will have a box set, with snap togethers, and an updated rulebook including the building changes from stronghold assault, and potentially some other minor tweaks. It will not be a new edition.

If the DV summer event is successful, expect a repeat the following year with another "boot" to the game, but not a reboot.

This is more akin to former chapter approved compendiums and what not. That way those who are freshly entering into the hobby do so with something up to date and those who are big on fluff etc get narrative campaigns, etc.


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Ich mag kein Push-Fit.

Momentan gehen die Spekulationen in Richtung Armageddon-Set mit Blood Angels, Stahllegion und Orks. Würde Sinn machen, da kann man dann endlich mal neue Buggies und Mega-Armor reintun (die es natürlich erstmal nicht einzeln geben wird ;) ).

Stahllegion vielleicht 25 Mann, für die Bluter ein Terminatortrupp mit entsprechender Ikonografie samt OP und Sanguinispriester in TA.

Würde sich wahrescheinlich gut verkaufen ;)

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Ich denk nicht das Space Hulk ein Argument gegen neue BA-Terminatoren ist.

Zumal es momentan nur noch als Restbestand erhältlich ist.

Als Starter-Set fände ich das Mischen zweier Armeen nicht weiter wild, das Set soll ja neue Spieler ansprechen und in die Regeln einführen, da ist doch wumpe dass Gefecht 1 Orks gegen IA ist und Gefecht 2 Orks gegen SM und Gefecht 3 Orks gegen IA und SM.

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Bislang habe ich nur zwei Boxen, aber mal gucken.

Da geht noch mehr.

Ich mix eh die Modelle der Chaoskultisten mit rein.

Die sind dann die normalen Soldaten und Catachaner halt Veteranen. Passt auch besser.

Trotzdem: wenn wer noch Catachanergussrahmen rumfliegen hat und für n Apple und n Ei loswerden will- ich bin euer Mann. ;)

Gibts schon Gerüchte zu Ogryns?

Und was sollen diese Imperial Knights sein?

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Warum? Die dinger sind ungefähr in der selben Gewichtsklasse wie der Phantomritter und der Sturmflut. Und wenn ich es richtig in erinnerung habe wird das ganze auch kein Supplement sondern nen Dataslate. Also wird man vermutlich einen Ritter bei manche Armeen mit dazu packen können.

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Zum Knight: Bitte, GW, verschont mich damit, ihr kriegt es doch wieder nur kitschig hin, so wie ne Mischung aus Sturmflut und Sentinel... :facepalm:

Mal was anderes...

Gibt es eigentlich noch irgendwas, das die Plastik-Mordianer ins Spiel bringt? Ich habe da immer nur diese eine Quelle gesehen, sonst bleiben sie völlig unerwähnt. Finde ich aber auch gut, Plastik-Mordianer würden sich genauso falsch anfühlen wie GW-Charaktermodelle aus Plastik oder gar Resin ( :naughty: )...


Kommissar Trymon

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