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Dystopian Wars / Dystopian Legions - News und Infos

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An FAQ has been posted for Dystopian Legions!

Spartan have announced it through a blog post ---> you can find ere

And you can find the FAQ in the downloads section of the Spartan Games website here



We have started work on our †˜Sidekick†™ sculpts for Dystopian Legions and we†™ll
be rolling them out for you to look at in our lead up to Christmas. First up is
Betty, the adorable sidekick of Captain Smethington DFC, the famed aerial flying
ace of the Kingdom of Britannia.

As you can see, Betty is all about her
looks on the gaming table and for those of you who have downloaded the KoB
Statistics you will see that she has the special rule †˜Hold That Pose†™ which is
all about inspiring the men (and Bertie) into action…..






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Ich habe für Warcradle die Sleeves, also die "Pappwickel" für die Kartons, das Kampagnenheft, das Regelbuch und das Kartendeck übersetzt. Da es sich bei mir um ein Erstlingswerk in der Größenordnun

Der Tobi aka @Soederblom von Bier & Brezel Tabletop hat die deutsche Version der Starterbox ausgepackt:    

Und hier haben wir den Inhalt der Elector-Fleet Box  

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Werner Hahl has been teased on the Spartan Facebook page, with his faithful pet…


Next up in our parade of Sidekicks is Werner Hahl and his faithful Glücklich. Blown up in the same explosion as the one that ripped his master apart, Glücklich was simply too good a dog to let die. So the cream of Prussian scientists (and vets!) worked tirelessly to save his life.


He is now a symbol of the Prussian Empire†™s fighting spirit and doggedness (see what we did there…) to never give in….


1526848_849878661748682_1710525379180678 10407501_849878681748680_819093342628397 10846027_849878621748686_708291952204865 10849881_849878018415413_283821274223405


Quelle: https://element270.wordpress.com/

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February sees the worldwide release of brand new and updated boxed sets for some of our most popular forces, including the League of Italian States for Dystopian Wars,. Don't miss your chance to get them first!

To place your pre-orders and find out more about these much-anticipated new releases click the images in this newsletter.

 Known around the world as the masters of surface raiding, the League of Italian States maintains a sizeable fleet of powerful warships to patrol the Mediterranean. With their bristling turrets mounted atop ornate, arrow-thin hulls these vessels of war make no effort to hide their true nature in battle as they descend upon the enemy like a pack of wolves, circling and outmanoeuvring before delivering the final killing blow.



During the refit of its naval forces the League of Italian States introduced a number of new ship types, and also reclassified some existing ships in readiness for future expansion.



This Support Group centres around the formidable Affondatore Class Battle Carrier, a veritable floating citadel.



Air combat, especially that involving aeroplanes, lends itself well to the individualistic Italian character; one on one, Italian pilots are some of the best in the world.


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Ich weiss von nichts, aber es könnte sein, dass in ca. zwei Monaten Neues für fast alle Fraktionen kommt.

Und es wären dann nicht nur die Heavy Bomber...


Aber mir würde das ja niemals Jemand stecken, der das Wissen würde....nee, sicher nicht. :naughty:

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Die Werte für die Bombardement Groups sind online und ich muss sagen, dass mir die Regeln wirklich gut gefallen:


Außerdem wurden einige andere Werte für die Core Nations überarbeitet.

EDIT: MageStorm war schneller :)

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