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Empress Miniatures - Project Genesis

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Empress Miniatures hat Project Genesis H13 angekündigt:





†œProject Genesis does not exist. I can categorically state it has never existed and never will exist. I honestly don†™t know why people believe it does exist†. Tony Blair, British Prime Minister.

†œProject Whatnow? Why don†™t you just ask about Area 51 or fake moon landings? It†™ll be the Grassy Knoll Conspiracy next†. President George W. Bush.

†œProject Genesis is a multinational Ultra-Black Operation created in the late Eighties to deal with a number of perceived emergent threats. The organisation comprises of a Military arm, a scientific arm and an investigative branch which has over-riding federal powers.

Funding is without Governmental oversight and is apparently limitless.

Facilities exist in and near many major cities throughout America, Europe, Australia and Asia. These have been concealed often in plain view as warehouses, factories or military bases. One in London is disguised as an underground railway station.
To my knowledge there are at least 700, 000 personnel working in these facilities. They cherry-pick the best of the best in all disciplines and have all sorts of advanced programmes to push them to ever greater levels of accomplishment. The Military arm is downright scary. These guys are the best the combined Militaries of the world can offer. They undergo voluntary †œcapability enhancement† which is psychological, chemical and physical. Not just fitness training but medical procedures. Their allegiance is entirely to Project Genesis renouncing all prior national allegiance.
The scientific branch conducts hair-raising experiments and there are rumours of dinosaur DNA and alien technology.

Do you remember the †œGenesis†? Yeah, the mission to Mars. NASA couldn†™t fund it so they allowed Project Genesis to piggy-back their own Lander onto the Mother-Ship for cash. The public got to see the NASA Mars landing and all the astronauts doing their thing. They never got to see the Project Genesis team. Their mission was to investigate suspicious telemetry which appeared to indicate an object under sentient control which landed on Mars back in 1988. Remember, this is one of the perceived threats Project Genesis was created to deal with. It took them 27 years but they got there. Things have gone horribly wrong on that mission. There were some terrifying transmissions last month, then all contact ceased until we heard the NASA mission was compromised too. The NASA team made some horrifying reports which were suppressed before the public heard them and then they went quiet too. They have just initiated their return protocols. I fear what they are bringing back. I only heard a little of the transmissions from Mars but if they bring back what caused those broadcasts God help us all.

This is why I have contacted you. The ship must not be allowed to land. It must be destroyed. For all our sakes we cannot allow the †œGenesis† home.† Whistle-blower †œArchie Soare† in an interview with Hal Caplin of the Washington Post two days before both of them died in an automobile crash.
†œShould I issue warrants for the Easter Bunny and the Boogey-Man too?† Jeb Johnson, Head of Homeland Security to Eugene Mollo of the Washington Post.

Eighteen months later the Genesis reached Earth.
The gigantic ship was dark and silent. There was no response to NASA transmissions and attempts to take control remotely failed.
At 23:57 Hrs on October 27th the Genesis re-entered the atmosphere and came to Earth in an apparently controlled landing near Innsmouth, Massachusetts

The huge vessel crashed in the hills above the town and rolled down into the outskirts breaking up into pieces. Local power and communications were lost and it was several hours until emergency response units from nearby Newport and Arkham arrived at the scene.

Initial reports were fragmentary and confused. Ambulance, Fire-fighter and Police crews arrived and disappeared. There were broken, hysterical broadcasts and a few extremely grainy, shaky transmissions from a local news team showing terrified people running from explosions and apparent bloody riot. Then everything blanked out because of a jamming signal as a number of large military transport helicopters arrived and a cordon was raised. Nothing that went into Innsmouth that day came out again due to a highly aggressive quarantine. This quarantine was put in place by soldiers in black or an unrecognised camouflage (later identified as ATACS arid) with insignia nobody had seen before. News-crews attempting to film or photograph these soldiers were dealt with brutally. Their equipment was confiscated or smashed and many of them were arrested and taken away to be held in a secure compound along with persons attempting to escape Innsmouth. A state of emergency was declared and a Military curfew put in place for the entire state. Everybody in the area surrounding the quarantine zone was evacuated to Arkham.

Some images found their way out, mostly thanks to mobile phones. Pictures of troops dressed in black body armour wearing gas-masks and bio-hazard suits searching buildings and sections of the enormous space-ship. An iconic image of a black suited soldier apparently beating a blood-covered rioter went viral on the internet as did the picture of Innsmouth residents, bloody and dishevelled, lined up against a wall by black clad soldiers.
The press had a field day. The public was in uproar. Despite all the denials and all the disinformation Project Genesis was out in the public eye. The political scene was chaos and security reached fever pitch on the 31st October as the President of the United States visited the evacuation centres in the halls of the Miskatonic University, Arkham despite numerous assassination threats.

At 14.45 Hrs 31st October just as the President arrived, an evacuee, Earl Krawczyk died after an extremely violent fit which lasted three hours. During this fit he scratched and bit eight members of the Miskatonic University Hospital Emergency Unit Team. All eight doctors and nurses became unwell and retired to the staff rest room or went home.

At 18.57 Hrs Krawczyk reanimated during his autopsy and killed the Coroner Dr H. West who had just identified what appeared to be a virus which he designated H13 in Krawczyk†™s blood. Krawczyk continued out of the mortuary into the hospital attacking all he encountered, scratching and biting them.
Krawczyk and all those he infected brought the †œvirus† which became known as H13 out into the world.

This H13 †œvirus† is unlike anything seen before. It spreads with bodily fluid contact. The transmission factor is 100 percent. Infected people become psychotic and violent. They self-mutilate and torture their victims viciously before drinking their blood gaining the nick-name †œVamps†.

The Vamps eventually die from their injuries or from the virus or they are killed. Then they reanimate.

Reanimated Vamps (nick-named Undead) can talk and use tools and weapons but as time passes they gradually lose these abilities and degenerate into shambling, decomposing creatures with extremely basic motor functions and limited responses (Unsurprisingly nick-named Zombies). People killed outright by an infected attack reanimate into this degraded state.

Whilst the Vamps are evil and twisted, enjoying torturing their victims, Undead and Zombies are different. Undead have no appetite for torture. They are self-aware, retaining their memory and personality and they enjoy mayhem and destruction. They are often seen armouring themselves against their future zombie existence. Literally nailing or bolting armour onto their bones. They are also frequently seen commanding groups of zombies.
Zombies are walking corpses. They have limited vision and hearing. Their movement is slow , awkward and graceless. They cannot swim or climb or even use stairs. They cannot open doors or use tools or weapons. As time passes they start to fall apart until they can no longer move and collapse in a rotting pile. Unlike the movies destroying their brain does not kill them. Zombies with their head removed stagger about, arms outstretched, latching onto anything they encounter. The only way to put them down is to literally destroy every joint in their limbs or incinerate them. Zombies also do not eat flesh. They bite victims to infect them. As they do not have any feeling in their mouths they close their jaws until their teeth meet. The resulting chunk of flesh is not swallowed. It falls out when the jaws open next or is pushed down the throat by the next mouthful. Zombies often have distended bellies filled with rotting flesh and decomposition gases. They frequently explode. They are also often seen with the flesh pushed completely through their system and into their soaked and sagging pants.

H13 infects all Mammalians. It does not seem to infect birds, reptiles or fish. The infected animals become vicious and attack any other uninfected living thing. Only the great apes seemed to go through the Vamp stage.

Project Genesis H13 is designed to be a fast paced board game for two or more players. The rule-book is currently under revision and play testing.

Players will take charge of a team of survivors in a world of chaos and destruction. They will face the horror of Vamps, Undead and Zombies. But even worse they will face rival gangs and the choices a world in collapse forces on them. Those that survive will gain rewards and ever stronger groups of supporters. Those that fail will be doomed to wander the dying Earth seeking the flesh of the living.

Supplements are being written to cover H13 on Mars, the infection of the Arkham Zoo, H13 on the research ship Banthic Deep Explorer, discoveries at Rawlings Airbase where the remains of the Genesis were taken and more.

The story of H13 will take the Human race into interstellar war and back in time when it is learned H13 has been on Earth several times in the past. H13 wiped out the mega fauna and the Neanderthals, it killed more than half of medieval Europe and it created the insanity of Nazi Germany to name just a few. The story also links into a sinister homage to Lovecraft where survivors can face dwellers in the dark spaces between dimensions.

There are literally hundreds of variations in development which will generate a limitless range of figures encompassing every genre and period of history. The first release of 32 packs of figures is due August 2015 and will be followed shortly by more.

© Copyright Richard Deasey 2015. All rights reserved.



Klingt nach einem Soldaten vs Untote - Skirmish. Angesichts der Mini-Qualität von Empress klingt das äusserst spannend!

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Leider deutlich unter dem, was man von Empress so gewohnt ist. Die Infizierten erinnern mich leider stark an CP Models... Schade.

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