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Halo: Ground Command - Bodenkämpfe im Halo-Universum

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Spartan Games wird zur Salute (16. April) ein neues Halo Tabletop vorstellen - diesmal wird am Boden gekämpft.





Spartan Games is pleased to announce that the much anticipated Halo: Ground Command tabletop wargame, which is set in the hugely popular Halo Universe, will be shipping in Summer 2016.

The first iteration of the game is set in the year is 2552, with humanity forced to the brink of extinction by the fanatical alliance of alien races known as the Covenant. These human forces have fallen back to the fortress world of Reach, prepared to give their lives to protect Earth and buy time for a desperate gambit that could change the outcome of the entire war. This last bastion of humanity will see countless bloody engagements take place, and you will now be able to command these ground forces in titanic conflicts.


Halo: Ground Command is a massed battle game using highly detailed 1:100th scale infantry, armoured and aerial models and has been developed in close cooperation with 343 Industries.



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die Inhalte der Starterbox sind mitlerweile auch bekannt... :




  • Command Base (1x Officer, 1x Medic and 1x Radio)
  • 2x Trooper Units each comprising: 3x Trooper Bases (3x Troopers on each), 1x HMG Base (HMG, Gunner, Spotter)
  • Fire Support Unit comprising: 2x Trooper Bases (3x Troopers on each), 2x Rocket Team Bases (2x Troopers with Rockets on each)
  • 3x Spartan Bases (1x Spartan Assault Rifle, 1x Spartan Laser, 1x Spartan Rocket Launcher)
  • 2x Warthogs (armed with Chainguns and Trooper Driver and Gunner




  • Command Base (1x Zealot, 1x Elite Minor)
  • 3 Grunt Units each comprising: 2x Grunt Bases (3x Grunts), 1x Fuel Rod Team Base (2x Grunts with Fuel Rods) and 1x Elite Minor Base (1x Elite Minor, 2x Grunts)
  • Hunter Unit comprising: 2x Hunters
  • 3x Ghosts (with Grunt Drivers)



Quelle: http://www.beastsofwar.com/halo-ground-command/dropships-covenant-unsc-spartan-games/



Link zum Beitrag
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