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Joan of Arc 15mm Kickstarter

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Ich konnte auch nicht widerstehen und hab den Werwolf bemalt. Zwar nicht so geil wie von Seb aber er gefällt mir ganz gut - Bemalzeit ca. 1h

Meine Fresse ...  

Hier übrigens aus der JoA Facebookgruppe (darf ich daseigentlich, die Bilder hier einstellen?):  

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Da kannst du dann am ende der kampagne noch,al in Ruhe zeugs dazukaufen. Du kannst bspw. jetzt 10$ pledgen und dann den Rest nach der Kampagne ordern. Hier haben sie aber gesagt, dass zumindest diese beiden Riesen nur dann dabei sind, wenn du während der Laufzeit der Kampagne mindestens das Grundspiel, also 120$ beigetragen hast

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Die angepeilte Zeit war gegen 7 :) Mit etwas Verspätung muss man ja immer rechnen, aber ich habs nicht eilig, auch wenn ich sau neugierig bin :D

Ich hoffe nur Leo's Stimme hat sich erholt, zu dem Addon gehört ein Livestream :)



ok scheint doch etwas länger zu dauern :D

bearbeitet von Serdalamand
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Meine Fresse.

Ich war mir sicher, dass ich das Siege Add-On auslassen kann.




Geht leider nicht. Das ist echt geiler Scheiß, den die da machen. Auf das Kartenspiel habe ich richtig Bock, und so viel Zeug, wie da drin ist, fürchte ich, muss ich das wohl mitnehmen. :(













bearbeitet von CorlissEngine
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Bin momentan echt am überlegen. Eigentlich hatte ich über ein paar monate all in geplant. 

Aber große Monstefiguren habe ich von Mierce eh zu Hauf. Die kann ich auch gut hier mit selbstgebastelten Karten benutzen. Krull gibt zum Beispiel nen super Dämon ab. Evtl. gehe ich nur auf das historische Zeug, die Heiligen und die Skelette. Dämonen versuche ich dann wegzutauschen. Ein doppeltes Siege wäre schon extrem geil. Nach dem Besuch von Carcassonne wollte ich das eh mal nachbauen ;-)


bearbeitet von Gast
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Ich habe von Minibits auch eine Antwort zu den MDF-Hexes bekommen:

"Thanks for the message, we can sort this out for you, no problem. The 140mm  hexagons would be 70p each and shipping would be 20% of your goods.

Let me know if I can help with anything else."


Materialstärke ist 2mm, soweit ich mich erinnere.

Ich habe mich aber inzwischen ohnehin gegen MDF entschieden. Zum einen sind mir das einfach echt zu viele Tiles, UND man müsste ja doppelt so viele basteln (wegen zwei Seiten), und dann auch noch die ganzen Magnete dazu, da kann ich mir ja ein zweites Pledge dazu holen. :)

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Und im Update gab's gerade News zu dem Mönchs-Add-on:


"The co-operative scenario I described in the previous update is one possible approach to telling this story. It uses a series of abstracted trials to simulate the gathering of clues, searching for hidden passages, and finding of secret keys. These trials are timed to keep the overall game length reasonable, and to add tension within each trial itself. Some of the trials give clues about the suspect, while others give bonuses towards completing the more difficult trials. Obviously the harder trials are the more rewarding ones with a greater likelihood of revealing clues, and balancing when you have gained enough bonuses to move to a different trial is part of the skill.

One thing that was mentioned in the comments I read was the number of Suspect cards that were included in the pack. The worry was that having only 8 meant that it would be easy to remember who the guilty party was if you saw the same card again. We have a very simple way to help: we’ll make the cards double–sided. Sixteen possible suspects is certainly a lot more difficult to remember. With that small tweak done, I think that the co-op version is fine. It works very well within its own remit and style. But…

While I was reading comments, one idea got stuck in my head. I really loved the thought of one player taking the role of the murderer, and then one or more other players searching though the abbey and trying to work out who it was. The way I imagined this was as a less abstract scenario, more like the werewolf hunt we’ve talked about before. I wouldn’t use the suspect cards and sleeve, instead relying on a different approach to gathering clues and ruling out suspects. It seemed to me that this would complement the existing scenario, giving us two very different ways to tell the same tale.

Anyway, I suggested this to Benoit and Leo and they agreed it sounded like a fun addition. Rather than burdening Pascal (Joan of Arc’s designer) with yet more work, I volunteered to write it myself. I’m a game designer by trade, making this all very familiar territory for me. So, in addition to making the Suspect cards double-sided for the co-operative scenario, we’re going to add a whole new scenario for 2-4 players, playing 1 vs the others. Obviously, this isn’t written yet. However, I thought you might like to hear some of my initial ideas.

Firstly, I really like the murderer’s role. He’s going to be hiding among his fellow monks, so we need a bunch of different monks for him to be concealed among. They will all be moving around the abbey under the control of the murderer. As the scenario progresses, the investigating players will rule out some of these monks as suspects and they will be taken off the board. This is the result of gathering clues and asking questions. Until he is confronted, the murderer is free to move around the abbey, causing trouble of his own and doing his best to thwart the investigators, all the while trying not to get caught in the act.

On the other side, the investigators start with little information. They have been brought in from outside the abbey by Pope Clement VI and don’t know the characters of the monks. Who can they trust? They need to explore the abbey and find out its secrets as they go, both in terms of the physical secrets of hidden passages and rooms, and the secret deeds of the inhabitants, murderous and otherwise.

I’m quite excited by the possibilities of this approach. Working it into a finished scenario will take time, as always. We have a great team of ambassadors and other keen testers to help me hone and polished it into a final piece for you to enjoy.

After this Kickstarter campaign is over I can keep you informed of my progress, and you can perhaps test out early versions. Fun times ahead!"

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