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Godslayer [Megalith Games]

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Godslayer [by Megalith Games]



Im Godslayer-Unterbereich wurde der KS schon vorgestellt, aber da dort nicht jeder vorbeisieht:

KS-Kampagne: http://kck.st/2K2nfFc



Playing the Game

Starter games can be played with 100 points and will last around 20 minutes.

The typical standard game is 300-350 points and this will give you a game of 2 – 2.5 hours.
A starter box game is the smallest practical game and consists of 160 points. That will take anywhere from 40-40 minutes.

400 point games will last most of an evening, and for real meaty games of 500-600 points, you will get an entire afternoon of fun.
Godslayer can be played realistically up to about 1000 points for a BIG battle.

For those that enjoy tournament gaming, Godslayer rules are tight and very well-suited to tournament play. Not only that, the factions
and models are incredibly well balanced after four years intensive playtesting.

- Profile cards list all statistics and special rules, so there’s no need to thumb through army books.
- Godslayer is a 2D6-based game which utilized an incredibly flexible action-point system.
- Models can perform actions in almost any sequence, so there are no artificial phases.
- All models have abilities as well tactics they can use by paying action tokens, for example Phalanx, Testudo, Shield Wall etc.
- Characters and warlords can order tactics to other models and units.
- The game runs on a turnaround basis where players alternately activate 2 individual models or a unit, then switch over. This keeps the tension high and
the tactical situation is continuously evolving so both players remain intensely interested in the game throughout.
- Most models have different attack options, some have multiple weapons.
- Warlords can be equipped with a different set of items from a long list of options.

All options are so clear and so simple, and the action-point system regulates the games so easily, that Godslayer is a fast and bloody game while allowing
outstanding detail and flexibility of actions.


A short overview over the factions and their sub-factions:

Banebrood – Beast-men and barbarians created by a psychic plague, and enslaved to the Urghast (the cosmic force of primal fury), dedicated to smashing civilizations and returning humanity to the law of the Jungle.

Beastspawn: Beast-men with tribal organization Bison-brood, Boar-brood, Ram-brood bull-brood etc.

Reavers: Barbarian cannibals with mutations, loosely based on Germanic barbarians and Sea Peoples.

Centaurs: New sub-faction for 2018 - nomadic creatures Including buffalo-centaurs, stag centaurs boar centaurs and more

Halodynes – Classical Greek and Macedonian-style culture worshipping the Asrae Gods

City-States: classical Greek style faction including, Hoplites, Thracian-style Hill Ogres, Myrmidon Marines and heroes

Temple: Temple warriors of the 12 gods, animated statues, Cerberoi, and the best spell-casters in the game

Amazons: cavalry-based sub-faction of female tribes, cursed by the gods to produce only female offspring

Mortans - Magnificent and macabre Roman-style expansionist Empire

Legions: Roman-style legionnaires, auxiliaries and praetorians representing the armies of the Mortan Empire

Magistratum: Undead Legionns, Necromancers and animated monstrous constructs

Technostratum: support troops for the Legions and Magistratum in the form of war-machines, alchemists and troops armed with naphtha, gas, acid and fire

Nordgaard – Viking Humans, Dwarves, Ogres and giants

Clans: Viking Dwarves of the northern clans along with giants and special units from each kingdom

Guilds: Mostly elite Dwarven troops representing the guilds of Nordgaard culture, including Einherjer warrior-priests of the gods, scouts, and prospectors.

Skannfyrd: Human and Ogre Vikings of Nordgaard, including Vargs, Valkyries, berserkers and more

Troglodytes – Mongol-style race of Elemental Shadow

Trolloth: Mongol-style Trolls of the elemental race of Shadow. Pure warriors of a feudal culture.

Shadow Trolls: Ethereal creatures of shadow with magical powers.

Gnolls: Goblinoid Mongol-style horde subfaction.

Wyldfolk – Celtic-style Nature worshippers

Tribal: Celtic style warriors, druids, bards cromlech guardians, with guerrilla style melee-focussed focus.

Fiannor: Nomadic Celtic-style models. Scouty, missile-focussed sub-faction.

Tuathan: Nature-worshipping Wyldfolk, faeries and dryads dedicated to reawakening the dead goddess of creation.

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