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Kamorko, an explorer orc, particularly brave. he travels to distant lands, and comes back with epic stories, and sometimes with beautiful artifacts - which sometimes disappear, since there's no trusting them goblins, especially the ones who became merchants (wink wink). he is travelling through Sagarika. finds an abandoned temple, explores it from top to bottom, on its own, since nobody is to be seen. he retrieves a copper statuette, looking like a deamon. he starts to get out of the temple, but all of a sudden he realises that the Highborns are still patrolling some outposts in Sagarika. including that temple. he must fight his way out.


(1) there's an elf at the end of that corridor!

read the card with instructions for Shooting, and play a crossbow orc vs. elven archer scenario.


(2) if he wins, he walks down the corridor, takes a right turn, and sees another elf.

read the card with instructions for Charging, and play a crossbow orc vs. elven fighter scenario.


(3) if he wins, he keeps trying to get out, arrives at the end of a walled section, and meets another elf guard.

read the card with instructions for Fighting, and play a fighter orc vs. elven fighter scenario.


(4) if he wins, he gets to the main hall of the temple. he sees an elf guard, this time quite far away.

read the card with instructions for Moving, and play a crossbow orc vs. elven fighter scenario.


(5) if he wins, he reaches the outer part of the temple. there's another guard far away.

read the card with instructions for Terrain, and play yet another scenario.


also, Kamorko might not have received the most prestigious imperial education...

still, you don't survive for long into this "temple looting business" without being a smart guy.

he notices that there's squeaking noises coming from a barrel very close to the elven guard.

maybe, if one could tip it over with a crossbow dart, that swarm of rats could get angry...


(6) if he upsets the rats, read the card with instructions for Profiles, allowing you to use different units

play a scenario where a swarm of rats is also attacking the elven guards.


also, by now, Kamorko is starting to be quite tense. the little copper statue seems to be feeling his energy, to feed on it.

it almost seems that it has a will of its own. that it wants to escape.

every time Kamorko is hit, roll a die to see whether the copper figurine falls to the ground and breaks.

in that case, it unleashes a deamon. a weak deamon, because it still hasn't found a host body.

and a greedy deamon, because come on, why the hell did they trap him into a copper statue?

gold. he wants gold. he craves gold. and in order to have it, he is ready to deceive and destroy.


(7) if Kamorko survives, he only needs to go past the final wooden fortification outside the temple.

there's five elven archers on an elevated ridge. they might be too many for him.

but who knows, maybe the rats will distract them. and if that deamon is unleashed, he surely will.


the final battle might thus take place between orc, rats, daemon, elf and elf unit.

which means that players are then ready for one of two things:

- seamlessly transition into the QuickStarter

- continue playing new VotA scenarios and collecting VotA miniatures for the remaining factions.

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