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Na dann :)


What if... Part 1: No Compromise



2950 - Towards the end of its golden age, a desire to return to the Inner Sphere begins to take hold in Clan society. Within Clan mythology the worlds of the Inner Sphere, especially Terra, became paradises of Edenic proportions, lorded over by the greedy and corrupt Great Houses who had forced Kerensky's exile, and the Hidden Hope Doctrine spoke of an eventual return to the Inner Sphere by the civilizing Clans. Many believe the time for return is now, and calling themselves Crusaders begin proselytizing others to their cause through the use of Kerensky's words and promises of the glory and great bounty to be found in returning to the Inner Sphere as conquerors. Entire Clans are eventually sway to this philosophy, with Clans Jade Falcon and Smoke Jaguar coming to lead what quickly becomes a political bloc.


2980 – The Jade Falcons succeed in forcing a vote in the Grand Council over the question of returning to the Inner Sphere. The vote to invade fails, but the Crusaders are clearly ascendant and the debate is far from over. In an effort to discover what had happened to the Inner Sphere during their exile, the Grand Council agrees to form Intelser, an intelligence service tasked with gathering data on the current situation. Its agents, masquerading as traders, manage to infiltrate a number of Periphery states outside the Inner Sphere. Relying on second-hand information, what they report back is confusing, but in broad strokes confirms that the Inner Sphere had been devastated by the Succession Wars and is seemingly open to invasion.


3000 - Ghost Bear Khan Nadia Winson introduces a vote to invade in the Grand Council. Sensing victory, the Crusaders are stymied by Wolf Khan Kerlin Ward and his Dragoon Compromise. A group of largely freeborn warriors, masquerading as the mercenary unit Wolf's Dragoons, would infiltrate the Inner Sphere and bring back accurate information on all of the Great Houses.


3001 – Ice Hellion Khan Jena Norizuchi starts a series of Trials of Possession with the aim of absorbing Crusader-leaning units from Warden Clans, and to strengthen her Clans military position.


3004 – A task force of seven Ice Hellion warships ambushes the departing Wolf’s Dragoons fleet and declares a Trial of Annihilation against them. In a brutal engagement, over half of the Dragoon ships are crippled or destroyed before the attackers can escape, forcing the survivors to return to Clan Wolf holdings. At the same time, it becomes known that Khan Norizuchi is leading three Galaxies of her Clan towards the Inner Sphere, with the intention to force the start of an invasion, or to carve a way to Terra by herself.


A Great Conclave elects Clan Coyote Khan Mika Jerricho as IlKhan to deal with the crisis. A motion to declare a Trial of Annihilation against the remaining Ice Hellions in the Homeworlds fails when it becomes clear that Norizuchi’s forces bombarded the barracks of their own Beta Galaxy prior to her departure, killing saKhan Ernest Wick. Jena Norizuchi and all warriors accompanying her are declared dezgra and an ad hoc bidding in the Council authorizes Clan Snow Raven to pursuit and destroy the rogue Ice Hellion elements.


3005 – Task Force Blackbird hunts down the rogue Ice Hellions in the Trelleborg system. In a two-day fleet action the Snow Ravens destroy the majority of the enemy ships, while those that manage to flee face their end encountering Snow Raven pickets in neighbouring systems. The Snow Ravens spend several weeks removing as much evidence as possible before returning to Clan Space.


3006 – With the Dragoon Compromise failed, and the treacherous actions of the rogue Ice Hellions, tensions between Crusaders and Warden are at an all-time high. Clan Hell’s Horse begins an aggressive, and successful, campaign against Clan Coyote and Cloud Cobra holdings, thereby weakening Mika Jerricho’s position as IlKhan.

Clan Ghost Bear and Steel Viper experience political unrest within their touman, with a sharp increase of size and intensity of internal conflict. Threatened by a Civil War between the two factions, IlKhan Jerricho announces what will later be referred to as the War of Dominance – a series of Trials of Position between Crusader and Warden factions to clearly determine each Clan's allegiance.


3007 – The War of Dominance trials end with Blood Spirit, Burrock, Fire Mandrill, Hell’s Horse, Ice Hellion, Jade Falcon, Smoke Jaguar and Star Adder in the Crusader camp, and Cloud Cobra, Coyote, Diamond Sharks, Ghost Bears, Goliath Scorpion, Nova Cat, Snow Raven, Steel Viper and Wolf as Wardens.

Irritated by the flipping of formerly Crusader-aligned Clans like Ghost Bear and Snow Raven, rumours of foul play are rampant. In an attempt to quell the unrest, IlKhan Jerricho transforms IntelSer into The Watch. This authorizes each Clan to send independent fact-finding missions into the Inner Sphere, but bars any members of the Warrior caste and any trueborn from entering the Inner Sphere. After that, he resigns as IlKhan.


3010 – Clan Watch missions have successfully infiltrated the Inner Sphere and their reports confirm the savagery and perpetual warfare of the Great Houses.

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Okay, es passiert doch nichts mehr vor dem Sommerprojekt   Aber hier ist eine Vorschau:   Es wird pro Block eine Lanze und zwei Clanner geben. Die FIS-Mechs bekommen alle dass

Es ist ja schon ein deutlicher Fortschritt zu sehen:  

Und wo wir grad von Postern sprachen, es gibt noch drei weiter, jeweils beidseitig bedruckt:   Und zu guter Letzt noch das Grundspiel:  

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What if... Part 2: Stoking the Embers


3012 – The Intervention Accords: Clans Coyote, Nova Cat and Snow Raven agree to establish covert diplomatic missions with Periphery states to provide technology in return of intelligence.


3013 – A ComStar exploration vessel arrives in the Trelleborg system and discovers the wreckage of the Union-C dropship Ice Fury.


3014 – Clan Coyote establishes diplomatic ties with the Magistracy of Canopus.


3015 – Clan Snow Raven saKhan Lisbeth Lankenau arrives in the Niops Association to directly negotiate with the civilian leadership.


A Clan Nova Cat diplomatic mission sets up in the Outworld Alliance.


3016 – Clan Burrock’s 15th Rapier Cluster invades and briefly occupies the Oberon Confederation. Despite interdicting all interstellar traffic and demolishing the ComStar compound and its HPG station, a Battle ROM showing several Omni-Mechs is later acquired by House Kurita operatives.

Khan Kendrik Min-Jae defends the action arguing that Clan Warriors are only forbidden to enter the Inner Sphere proper, but are free to operate in the Periphery.


After being defeated again by Morgan Kell on Mallory's World, Yorinaga Kurita returns to Luthien where he requests the right to commit seppuku to regain his honour. The Coordinator refused, declared him to be a non-person, and orders him to join ComStar instead. 


Clan Snow Raven learns from their new Niops Association allies of the Minnesota Tribe. Shocked by the revelations that descendants of the Not-Named Clan may still exist, they vastly expand their Watch operations to verify the rumours.


3017 – Clan Snow Raven integrates the Niops Association into its caste system, and installs the 4th Raven Regulars as garrison.


An influx of advanced civilian Clan technology starts to appear in the Magistracy of Canopus and Outworld Alliance under the cover of local innovation.


3018 – A joint Jade Falcon / Star Adder force invades and occupies Nueva Castile and the Hanseatic League, provoking additional outrage by the Warden Clans.


Clan Snow Raven Watch operatives raid the estates of several Interstellar Expedition members to retrieve Minnesota Tribe artefacts. Snow Raven Loremaster Tycho Hakimi travels to the Periphery to begin a hunt for more information.


3019 – The Great Council is forced to vote on the issue of Invasion again. Khan Yuri Ravenwater of the Hell’s Horses presents a comprehensive and compelling report on the atrocities of Inner Sphere warfare.

In a surprising twist, Khan Jonathan Bekker of the Ghost Bears suggests a compromise solution: Five Clans will invade the Inner Sphere along corridors defined by the borders between the Great Houses, thereby establishing buffer zones the Inner Sphere forces will be unable to overcome. Once Terra is conquered, the IlClan will issue an ultimatum to the Great Houses to join a new Star League, or perish.

With the Ghost Bears in favour of Invasion, the result of the vote is inevitable. The official count is 15 in favour, with Clan Coyote and Snow Raven abstaining.

Khan Yuri Ravenwater is elected IlKhan.

After further deliberation, the Great Council agrees that the Ghost Bears will gain a place in the invasion for being the designers of the compromise, and that they will be joined by two Warden and two Crusader Clans.

Both sides go through a series of biddings and combat trials, and in the end, Clan Coyote and Goliath Scorpion are victorious for the Wardens, as well as Clan Hell’s Horse and Jade Falcon for the Crusaders.

The final Invasion plan is as follows:
Clan Jade Falcon – Lyran Alliance / Draconis Combine border

Clan Goliath Scorpion – Draconis Combine / Federated Suns border

Clan Hell’s Horse – Federated Suns / Capellan Confederation border

Clan Coyote – Capellan Confederation / Free Worlds League border

Clan Ghost Bear – Free Worlds League / Lyran Alliance border

Since three Warden Clans are already part of the Invasion, the Crusader camp insists that Clan Blood Spirits will act as first reserve clan, with Nova Cats and Smoke Jaguar winning trials in their respective faction to be first in line if additional forces have to be committed.


Confronted with evidence that the Lyran Alliance successfully reverse engineered K-Series transmitter (Black Box) technology obtained from an SLDF cache in the Periphery, ComStar names Yorinaga Kurita Precentor Martial. His mission is to train the Com Guards into an army able to defend ComStar’s interests by force if the Successor States manage to circumvent communication blackouts in the future. He chooses fifty most promising warriors from across the Com Guards to form the core of the new army. These warriors were trained not only in combat skills, but tested to ensure that they understood the value of determination, self-sacrifice, and dedication to duty. These values became core beliefs for these early Com Guard warriors, and they in turn passed them on to the newer members of their units.


3020 – Clan Nova Cat establishes military outposts in the Outworld Alliance outside of the staging area assigned to the Goliath Scorpions.

Outraged by being left out of the invasion, multiple clans stage campaigns to vent their anger. A coalition of Fire Mandrill Kindraas attacks Jade Falcon holdings on Dortmund, Tomalov and Goslar in the former Hanseatic League. The Wolfs win a series of Trials of Possession against the Steel Vipers, severely reducing the latter’s economic capabilities.


Archon Katrina Steiner starts peace initiative, but only Hanse Davion seems to be interested


Clan Snow Raven secretly transfers the rest of Epsilon Garrison Galaxy to Niops.

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Weiter geht's - Clanner ante portas!


Die naechsten Eintraege werde etwas mehr Vorbereitungszeit brauchen, und kuerzere Zeitraeume umfassen - immerhin reden wir von Krieg an allen Fronten, und es ist ganz schoen viel Arbeit auch nur ansatzweise herauszufinden, wer wo wann ist :)


Ausserdem warne ich jetzt schon, dass ich wahrscheinlich ein paar Dinge "ret-con"-en muss. Denn jede coole Idee, die ich habe, braucht einiges an Vorlauf. Zum Beispiel war klar, dass ich einen Precentor Martial brauche, aber der olle Frederick Steiner kommt erst 3034 zu ComStar. Waehrend ich einem anderren Handlungsstrang hinterhergelaufen bin, fiel mir dann Yorinaga ein. Also hab ich ihn einfach statt in das eine Kloster in das andere gesteckt, was jetzt natuerlich auch heisst, dass die Com Guard viel staerker vom Bushido des Draconis Combine als von den Verbundwaffen-Taktiken der Lyraner beeinflusst werden.

Ein anderer Fall war dass ich urspruenglich die Smoke Jaguar als Reserve-Clan hatte, das hat dann aber spaeter nicht mehr funktioniert, also hab ich sie gegen die Blood Spirits ausgetauscht. 


Dann werden wir mal schauen wie eine Clan-Invasion zum Hoehepunkt des 3. Nachfolgekrieges so laufen wird.


Edit:  :popcorn:


Niops Association Historian:

And then the DC encounters these weird guys of the Minnesota Tribe who just showed up from the Periphery in 2825 with a bunch of SLDF equipment


Clan Snow Raven:






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Kleines Zwischen-Update:

Ich hab mir Decals für das P500 bestellt, Jade Falcon, Hell's Horse und Star Adder. Die kommen hoffentlich noch vor Weihnachten an.

Ghost Bear hab ich schon, da fehlen dann nur noch Snow Raven und Goliath Scorpion, die kann ich dann im neuen Jahr ordern. 


Und nichts Neues an der Kickstarter-Front, es ist ein Trauerspiel.

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Hier ist der erste Block für mein P250:




Conjurer, Black Python, Hunchback IIC, Horned Owl und Incubus, sowie Bane 3, Highlander IIC, Thunder Stallion, Stone Rhino und Bowman. Der Bane 3 ist ein Umbau mit Mad Dog- und Longbow-Lafetten. Acht LRM 15er muss man einfach lieben :ok:.


Wie man erahnen kann sind die Maschinen momentan in Omega Keshik-Farben. Laut Fluff hat die Keshik aber nur Omni-Mechs, deshalb entfärbe ich die jetzt und werde sie als Delta-Galaxie bemalen. Die benutzen ein rot-braunes Wüstentarnschema. Wollte mich da grob an der 6 Color Desert Camo der Amis orientieren, das ist der klassische Desert Storm-Look:



Meine Omega Keshik bau ich mir dann aus den Kickstarter-Sachen neu auf, wahrscheinlich als "mixed Supernova" Alpha-Trinärstern (ich interpretiere das als 2 Sterne Mechs und eine Nova), plus, falls ich mal genügend Geld habe, den Support Supernova Gamma-Trinärstern aus Fahrzeugen und Gnomes. Dann wäre ich nur noch einen Mech-Stern und  2 OmniJäger-Sterne von der Sollstärke entfernt. Könnte mein nächstes Sommerprojekt werden :D

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Es kann von mir aus losgehen :D




Ausserdem schliessen in ungefähr einer Stunde ein paar Auktionen, an denen ich interessiert bin. Da könnte ich ein paar Lücken schliessen (Hatamoto, Hornet, Lineholder, und ein zweiter O-Bakemono). Es gibt auch einen Charger und einen JagerMech, die hab ich auch beide nicht, aber man kann sich nicht immer alles leisten...

Dumm nur dass ich jetzt auf der Arbeit bin und natürlich ein Meeting habe wenn die Auktionen enden. Also einfach hoffen, das sonst keiner das Altmetall haben will ;)

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