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I M(20) am looking for a 5e D&D group

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I have easily watched 2000+ hours of D&D campaigns over the years (Critical Role alone is already about 1000 hours), but never actually got to play D&D, as my friends are normies (no offense to them) and never showed interest in playing D&D.

Recently I have felt the urge to play D&D myself and therefore reach out to like-minded people and I guess that's what I am doing now.

A bit about me:

- I am an open and honest person and believe that the foundation of any relationship is good communication

- I am a fan of anything nerdy: D&D, board games, anime, you name it

- I am an introverted extrovert with a sprinkle of social anxiety, meaning that I am basically like a cat. It might take me a minute to adjust to new people, but once I do, I hold them close to my heart

- I am of the opinion that no adventuring party should be exclusive, especially at a ROLE-PLAYING game as inclusive as D&D

- I would like to think I am somewhat familiar with the rules and table manners regarding Dungeons and Dragons

I live in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany around 42855 Remscheid, but I would happily be willing to travel in order to play.

Whether you are already part of a group and are currently looking for a new player, are not part of any group yet, but wish to start a group or just have input/advice on how I/somebody could broaden their search in meeting like-minded people in the hopes of eventually finding a party, feel free to either message me on reddit u/Eggsphoenix or comment on this post, and I'll reach out to you. Personal anecdotes/experiences of finding your own party members are always welcome, as well.

Thank you for your time

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Your offer sounds interessting and I would like to try out D&D but Im too far away with location munich. Really hope you find someone through this forum. Still can say 'hello' 👋😺

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