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Spring is nearly here, and the 4th issue of the Crocodile Games webzine is here!

This issue is our Basti extravaganza, with new rules, scenery, tactics, and painting articles!


Falls jemand auch die anderen Ausgaben lesen möchte, findet ihr sie hier:


Mfg. Templer

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Anfang Dezember erschienen:

Wendigo Warband Guide für Wargods of Hyperborea!

Brrrrrr! It’s cold out there, the snow is falling and the nights are getting longer – the perfect climate for the Wendigo to arrive from the snow covered mountains of Hyperborea!

Crocodile Games is pleased to announce the arrival of our new book – The Wendigo Warband Guide, featuring the rules and background for playing the Wendigo faction for WarGods. This book is 48 pages and printed in full-color, and includes 2 sheets of Hyperborea-themed Command Counters.

The Wendigo Warband Guide was written by Chris FitzPatrick, with additional stories throughout the book by Ryan Markle. It is lavishly illustrated with beautiful artwork from Des Hanley and John Wigley. It features graphic design by Brian Roe and a gallery of stunning Croc miniatures painted by Marike Reimer. This book is a must have for any WarGods fan!

Wendigo Warband Guide

Mfg. Templer

Link zum Beitrag
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