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  1. Toll!! Neues Blut! :-D Jetzt wir haben eine kurze Pause von Malifaux, aber wir sprechen immer über Malifaux. Jetzt wir spielen mehr Guildball & Infinity. Ich habe lust für ein Malifaux Spiel, aber momentan zeit ist schecht bei mir. Nachste Monat ich will mehr zeit haben. Vieleicht ein paar anderen Jungs haben zeit? :-D
  2. http://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2016/5/2/monday-preview-malifaux-vintage Title: "Malifaux Vintage models" I don't know if I should be thanking Wyrd or just disappointed a bit. Thanking them that I have 0 interest in the older version of any of those models. Disappointed because I would rather see new content produced instead. However, don't get me wrong. I do not want new models, but new campaign rules (much tighter ones). Maybe more story scenarios that are fun too. That said, loving the game still (my son digs it a lot now too). Guildball is on the fr
  3. FYI: https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=16718
  4. also, btw, if anyone wants to give Guildball a go, we are meeting at Pils this Friday at around 6pm.
  5. Non malifaux related, but.... https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=16718
  6. I am quite curious about it but it sounds like it will be a squad based game instead of a skirmish, which I don't know if I want to play anymore. I am quite interested in squad based games like DZC, but that is at 15mm scale. I don't know if I want to do a 28mm army-based game That said, I am not opposed to trying it out when it comes out :-D
  7. The specials are not such a big deal for me, but getting the swamp kit plus mctavish earlier sounds cool to me. But I can wait if need be.
  8. Anyone interested in organizing something for this? http://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2016/3/21/fitkexljqgwrhz9mxpmhkccpw3xyc5 I think some of the folks did it here before, but I don't know how their experience went. Would be curious to hear.
  9. SQUEEEEEE https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/3/15/road-to-legend/ I bet one for IA is not so far down the road either! If it is good and they do make one for IA, I might have to finally pick that up.
  10. Does anyone happen to have extra 'Canine Remains' cards?
  11. Thanks guys for showing up last night! I had a blast and look forward to another Mali night! And GS: ONE DAY I WILL KILL THAT CRAZY MCMORNING!!!!! :-D
  12. btw, these sets look worth it with maybe a few more addons: http://www.artofwarstudios.co.uk/product-p/aowmx0001.htm
  13. btw, might be cool to get a bulk order from these: http://www.artofwarstudios.co.uk/category-s/100.htm
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