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In diesem Thread halten wir euch über die Neuheiten und Ankündigungen von Forge World auf dem Laufenden.

Bitte lest die Newsticker-Regeln, bevor ihr hier postet.


Da in diesem Thread in erster Linie Informationen veröffentlicht werden, möchten wir Euch nachfolgend zur Kenntnis geben, welche Threads sich zur Diskussion über die News eignen:


- Blood Bowl - Gerüchte/Neuerscheinungen

- Forge World-Neuerscheinungen für Age of Sigmar

- Forge World-Neuerscheinungen für Warhammer 40.000 und Horus Heresy

- News und Diskussion (Age of Sigmar)

- News und Diskussion (Blood Bowl)


bearbeitet von Zavor
Inhaltliche Erweiterung

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Neuer Knight im Anmarsch:

Questoris Knight Magaera

Magaera type Knights are most often used as shock assault units, breaching the most heavily defended enemy positions, while shrugging off heavy weapons fire and self-repairing even devastating weapon strikes in a few minutes. To aid in this role it is armed with a complex lightning cannon, using focussed electro-magnetic beams to vaporise infantry and blast apart armour.



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Heute neu: Questoris Knight Styrix

Housing machine spirits which some say became too accustomed to wholesale slaughter during the Age of Strife and the Great Crusade that followed it, many of the more conservative Households consider the Styrix to be a dark and malevolent pattern of armour, the wanton slaughter it unleashes being beneath a true Knight. Other Households hold no such reservations, loosing entire formations of Styrix mark Knights to mercilessly annihilate their foes.

Armed with a devastating Volkite chieorovile and backed up with a graviton gun and twin-linked rad cleanser, the Questoris Knight Styrix is easily able to eliminate large numbers of infantry at range. Whilst in close combat, its immensely powerful hekaton siege claw can smash vehicles and tear buildings asunder, making it a powerful addition to any army.

The Questoris Knight Styrix can be fielded in Horus Heresy games using the Battles in the Age of Darkness expansion as part of the forthcoming Questoris Knight Crusade Army list or as a Lords of War choice for any Horus Heresy army. Its rules will be published in the next Horus Heresy rulebook, details of which will be revealed very soon!

This is a complete multi-part resin and plastic kit, designed byRob MacFarlane. It is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Monday November 17th.



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